The Arachnist Manifesto

I. Everything is connected by threads, both visible and invisible, forming a web.

II. Vibrations on even one strand of silken thread effect the entirety of the web.

III. The web is also a net and can be used to catch morsels of food. Thus the web sustains life through the mystery of the Eucharist and the transmutation of life into death into life. This is the Supper of the Fates.

IV. Webs are also used as a form of protection, to watch over the entrance of dwelling spaces and to encase the egg sacs of the thousand young.

V. The web is also a gate. The spaces between the strands can be used to travel instantly to any other point in the web.

VI. The strength of a web is dependent on the strength of the spun silk, but also on the web’s design. Arachnists, keep fast to your health and be cunning in the orchestration of your skein! As a weaver, flawed designs can be rewoven on newspun thread.

VII. Webs are spun at night. Spinning is a nocturnal activity connected to the Moon and dreams.

VIII. Spider webs can be used to stop bleeding. In a world rife with wounds, weavers are needed to restitch those bolts of cloth which have become frayed.

-Justin Patrick Moore



Copies of issue 8 of the Dyslexicon: Dreams, Time Travel & Spiders are still available directly from Sothis Medias.

Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule’s thrice revised and expanded tome Time, Fate and Spider Magic is out now from Avalonia Press. ¬†Essential reading for anyone interested in these three interlocked subjects.

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  1. Richard Komadina says:

    Justin if this is anew copy of the Dyslexicon please bring me one into work. Thank you

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