Justin Patrick Moore

Works of Fiction

STRAY DAWGS: A post-peak mystery story, focusing in on the fate of domesticated animals in a collapsing society.

The Electric Snake Boogy: A piece of Kundalini-flash fiction.  

Water, In the Dry Land: This novellette was published by Aurore Press as a split alongside Chuck Byrd’s story The Misadventures of Jack Jeopardy, Defective Detective. It is Volume 1 of the Aurore Press Writers Series.

Gertrude and Ludwig Spin a Web: This short story was published in Issue Number 12 of Flurb, Rudy Rucker’s webzine of
astonishing tales.

Trepanning for Gold: This is  a PDF of a novellette that receieved an honorable mention in the first quarter of the 2009 Writers of the Future contest.

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