In addition to my writing, I’ve long had more than a few tentacles in the world of sound, from my radio work to playing in a few bands, and various solo excursions under a variety of monikers. Never trained as a musician, I none-the-less plugged right along, simply because I love music and sound itself. I’ve typically used whatever was around to put things together. In the early days of high school this was with tape decks and a primitive “two-track” set up, and later computers and their recording technology, alongside trying my hand at various instruments -whatever was available. I always used sampling as part of my process in addition to producing and altering my own created material. Perhaps I am less of a musician and more of an auido collage artist. Whatever you want to call it I always have fun working in this medium. And while I’ve still never managed to learn to play an instrument properly, despite all the banjos, sitars, jaw harps, and various synthesizers that have come in and out of my life, I still can’t shake the urge to be active in the medium of sound. It’s led me to some great places.

This is a space where I will keep track of some. It may change as things evolve and mutate.


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