Selected Discography

This list does not, at this time, include any of the cassettes or CD-R’s I have self released through Sothis Medias over the years. I hope to upload the best of my own solo work up to a bancamp page in the future, and have some zip files for download for some of the recordings I’ve made of bands I’ve been in, like Neato Torpedo and Astral Surf Gypsies.

An excerpt from the 20+ Minute track, Shimmers of the Secret Fire was released on the various artist compilation that came out with Spool #2 of Silk Milk Magi-Zain in 2004. Dak sang vocals alongside my sonic soundscape.


Astral Surf GypsiesBreath of the Rat Lady album, 2005, released by Bunkier Productions in Poland. The Astral Surf Gypsies was a project I worked on with Daniel Niehaus  and Paul Spaite on and off from high school until just after the release of this album in 2005. (Paul did not play on this one though.) The style could be described as cough syrup inspired anthems from teenagers set on fire and out of their minds by the magick of Thelema. Beatnik blues for boarding school kids and bad Catholics. Topsy turvy lo-fi psychdelic folk drones.









2011 saw the long awaited release of 156=Musick=Babalon=Kaos, a collective musical making project of the Hermaphroditic ChaOrder of the Silver Dusk.

The Silver Dusk’s 156 = Musick Project is an experiment of Process: Magickal Musick was recorded by members of The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the SILVER DUSK -usually in ritual context or with invocational intent- then posted on CD to other member/s in another country for them to add more layers to. This continued progressively until completion.

The style of music ranges from neoclassical ambient orchestral multi-instrumental corroborations and layered electronic experimentations to simple primal ritual corroborees with sticks and bells and harmonious voices around a fire by the Hekate Tree. ”

I contributed my own work to a number of the tracks on this disc. This album was released by the excellent Polish label Zoharum.  (The Polish seem to appreciate my music more than my fellow Cincinnatians…:)

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