Oneiric Imprint

Some people claim it is impossible to read in dreams. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet to make that task easier, and to translate the books of sleep into waking reality, the executive initiates of Sothis Medias have created ONEIRIC IMPRINT. The name itself came in a dream alongside visions of beautiful texts and we wish to publish those texts that have been imprinted in us during our astral exscursions, as a way of presenting the text as dreamed, and further imprinting the world.

Oneiric Imprint exists to publish and manifest the dreamed book; to prescribe readers medicine for the soul; to defend and uphold the Word; to spread the work of visionaries who have labored in the inner scriptorium. Our publishing philosophy rests at the crossroads of tradition and innovation; our projects incubated in the liminal margins between waking and sleep. Oneiric Imprint seeks to merge the weave of text with the Book of Nature. 


Underground RiversUNDERGROUND RIVERS a cycle of 30 Underworld poems by Justin Patrick Moore.

HIGH GRAVITY By PLATONIC ONE as chanelled by Ken Henson: Winter 2015

Dyslexicon, Issue 8: Summer 2013



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