The Dyslexicon

The Dyslexicon is a journal of hypnagogic revelations, flotsam, jetsam, and recalcitrant debris, published in an erratic and irregular time signature. It appears when and as it needs to. The first two issues came out as half-size ‘zines in 1998 with the subtitle “A Psychedelic Word Tree“, and featured poetry, collages, neologisms, all done up in a tasteful punk rock & Thelemic D.I.Y. photocopied aesthetic. A few more issues trickled out in the early years of the milleniums first decade, as a full size photocopied ‘zine then it went on hiatus, until 2013 and the release the eighth issue as the inauguration of Oneiric Imprint, the intertextual publishing arm of Sothis Medias.

Issue 8 is out as of 8/8/2013 : In the USA Thirteen dollars per copy, includes shipping. Standard edition limited to 200 numbered copies. Each issue comes with exclusive vocabulary words, inserts and chapbook of eight poems.  A limit of three copies to each patron.


For international orders Dyslexicon 8 is $23 with shipping. Limit of three copies to each patron.

“The magic alphabet, the mysterious hieroglyphics, reach us only in a defective form, corrupted form, altered and falsified, either by time or by those beings who have a vested interest in keeping us ignorant” –Gerard de NervalAurelia














Seventeen Years on Baybel by Justin Patrick Moore
Tangled by Veronica Sorcher
Louis Martine’s Irish Journal
They Walked the Tracks Without Complaint by Mark Flanigan
Eight Enigmatic Tarantula Postcards (Mexican Figuritas) from Elliot Beal
Dream Number 8 by Nemus Irradiatusnath
Roman Holiday by B. Clifton Burke
Rules of the Road by Christopher Maier
My Encounters With the Spider-Queen of Time by Taylor Ellwood
Current 13 by Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Being the Dreamer, No Rest for the Wicked by Soror Iris E.
Appendix 1: Notes Towards A Web Net of the Adepts by Justin Patrick Moore
Secretions from A Spiders Sac by Justin Patrick Moore
The Purple Hills by Mark Flanigan
Liberte Extract by Dr. David Luke
Of Spiders and Spinning by Chakra 37
Lyrical Trilogy by Betsy Young
The Cloth Is Spun In Eight Directions by Justin Patrick Moore
Between Grandma Spiders Legs by Dharma Buford
Stranded Is The Road by Adama Smietana
Pan Magick of Dream by Aion 131
A Nightmare by Chuck Byrd

+ A Small Chapbook of 8 Poems: Poexic Dysletry 
Cronoslogos by Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Spider, Spider , Dionysian Wine & Blazes In the Bone by Justin Patrick Moore
Discordial Babel by Lavid Duke
Dead Crow In the Green Grass by Owen Knight
and The Secret Place by Nemus Irradiatusnath
& one more awaiting realization.

Cover Art by Kazim Azylym


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