Underground Rivers

Underground RiversThis cycle of poems emerged in parallel to a series of dreams and visionary journeys into the underworld. The words were recovered, like aspects of soul which had gone missing, from the sewers beneath the streets of Cincinnati’s seven ancient hills. Once these missing parts had been restored to the body that had been torn apart, deeper sources of pure mineral water were sought in the hollow places deep in the earths interior, where Underground Rivers are known to flow.

Harry Smith emerged from an Andy Warhol screen test to give a transmission on Weird Old America. Navigating the sea is often better done when the captain works Blind At the Till. The Spider weaves Blazes In the Bone, setting down Taps into the Roots Canal near Oktoberfest, Ohio in Fort Loramie. Lafcadio Hearn appears as a Dreamer of the Dark crying at the biergarten after watching another episode of Mill Creek Blues. In the Courtship of Ma’at we all Learning to Swim, until we go Fly Fishing with Sun Ra, and make our way to an Underworld Garage Sale, where a used copy of the old mystery novel C is for Murder is found, with Cain Marks on its spine. Gasahol is drunk and After the After Party the reader dives into a Sketch of the Hellscape from which emerges a new method for How to Become a Conspiracy Theorist, because after all the City is a Dream. Bioluminescent Luciferins make for a Psychoacoustic Medicine. What Magic Is, is a chance to dance the Electric Snake Boogy at a Funeral for a Punk Rock Jacket, where the River Styx is Revisited. Time to clean out the Goose Shit Radiator and have a glass of Dionysian Wine before the Hand Returns to Its Work and goes on its course down Underground Rivers.

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