Radio Activity

Justin Patrick Moore is the current host and programmer of On the Way to the Peak of Normal a radio show on 88.3 FM WAIF, Cincinnati specializing in high voltage doses of esoteric radioactivity. The show is free form. One night it may be an audio collage or mix on a certain theme or topic, other nights there may interviews or poetry readings, while on other Thursday evenings from 10PM to Midnight EST, there will simply be a steady flow of great eclectic music one song right after another and bits of banter in between. Since the show was not started by Justin, and because of the involvement and collaboration of other people in its episodes a separate website for the show is maintained at where episodes are available for listening and download.

Below is a bit of history of Justin’s own on air antics:

Justin began his radio career at the tender age of twenty. With his head still full of acid he’d gone up to Yellow Springs, Ohio in search of the fabled utopia for radicals and misfits, Antioch College. While enrolled in the College he also found himself to be a student of a Western Mystery School. Having dropped out in the former, he has maintained his devotion to the latter. None-the-less, a number of Key Experiences were formative to his ongoing Work. Not to be underestimated among these was the radio show he founded, The Psychedelicatessin, a free-form audio-collage program on Antioch’s pirate station, Anti-Watt.

On returning to Cincinnati, the radio bug lay dormant inside him for a year, during which time he compulsively edited audio tapes. Soon it was flourishing once again, when he was introduced to the fun loving bunch of Queen City noisemakers behind the long running Art Damage program, which he had been a fan of since high school, and he was quickly recruited to the cause, becoming one of the rotating hosts during the early 2000’s. This was a time when Art Damage was flourishing with broadcasts from the likes of Ron Orovitz, C. Spencer Yeh, and John Rich, among others. His good friend Andy Hissett also became involved for a time, but later moved over to the other WAIF, 88.3 FM show, On the Way to the Peak of Normal.

During the time period when Art Damage was briefly off the air, due to sour station politics, Justin started filling in here and there for On the Way to the Peak of Normal, and soon became a part of the shows rotation of regular hosts. A number of years and shows later, Craig Kelly, the shows founder, decided to throw in his hat at the station to concentrate on mastering the grand piano in his living room. Honored by this responsibility, he took over the helm. It was as if all the previous years of his Radio Activity had caused the proper mutation inside his soul, making him the radio nerd he is today. With deep interests in literature, esoterica, the occult, and a broad taste in music, he continues to steer the show into a sorcerous sea infused with mysterious dreams

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